convert a "trail a bike" into a utility trailer

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convert a "trail a bike" into a utility trailer

Post by frankiee »

I am in need of ideas of how to convert a "trail a bike" into a utility trailer.
my idea was to remove the seat and seat post and add something there that would have 2 baskets on each side to be able to carry stuff.
The stuff I would be carrying would not weigh too much but might be bulky. Such stuff as hammer, saw, plasi board signs, fiberglass posts. Basically to carry all the stuff I would need to set up a race course such as the Whemmys and to go back and collect all the stuff with out several trips.
I looked on the internet thinking there would be some add on that I could purchase that just bolts on to the "trail a bike" but I can't find anything.

Any ideas? :?:

Frank E
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