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Ride Don't Hide Good Deed

Posted: Tue 15 Aug, 2017 12:51
by Tom Hakala
Here is a note from April Robinson of the Can. Mental Health Assoc. Grey/Bruce:

I got this heartwarming message back from one of our Ride Don’t Hide cyclists today (see message below) and I wanted to pass along many thanks from CMHA for helping out your fellow cyclists.
Although the weather was not the best, much like a bad mental health day, we all stuck together! No one was left behind and we made it through all the storms. So, THANK YOU for making our event a huge success and being there for each other.
Hope to see you all again next year! I can’t promise there won’t be any storms but we do know we will all be more resilient and can handle anything that comes our way. April Robinson

I want to shoutout a thanks to the Owen Sound Cycling group who saved Paul 's bacon getting off that hill in a nasty storm. They worked together to get to the end safely. Made a huge difference to him as all new area. He is 65 but still thinks he's 35!
Thanks guys.
Joan B.